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JavaServer Faces Programming

by Budi Kurniawan

About the Book

Your one-stop resource for JavaServer Faces programming

Stretch JavaServer Faces to the limit and create professional JSF programs with this guide to the ultimate framework available for rapidly building Java Web applications. After a brief overview of the underlying and related technologies, you'll learn to write and deploy a JSF application, then follow comprehensive tutorials on how to use standard GUI components, input validation, and converters, as well as on how to control page navigation, manage JavaBeans, and write event listeners. Advanced coverage includes writing custom GUI components, extending input validators, providing support for internationalization, and developing a real-world online-store application.

  • Review servlets, JSP technologies, JavaBeans, custom tag libraries, and the Model 2 architecture
  • Understand the component tree, event-driven programming, input validation, and page navigation
  • Write model objects and incorporate GUI components into JSP pages
  • Manage page navigation and JavaBeans
  • Use standard validators and converters, or write your own custom ones
  • Support internationalization and localization
  • Edit the elements within Application Configuration files
  • Write shorter JSP pages and eliminate the use of scripts
  • Build a real-world online store application
  • Understand the technical details on how JSF works

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