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Java Tools for Extreme Programming: Mastering Open Source Tools Including Ant, JUnit, and Cactus

by Richard Hightower, Nicholas Lesiecki

About the Book

Learn how to transform XP theory into concrete Java® development techniques!

Software developers live by the mantra "evolve or die." Adhering to that philosophy, Richard Hightower and Nicholas Lesiecki present you with an innovative book about Extreme Programming (XP)-- a development methodology that enables developers to build flexible, high-quality software in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner. This book teaches you how to implement XP in Java using open source Java XP development tools and how to master the most difficult part of the XP process: testing, integration, and deployment.

Written with experienced Java developers in mind, this book begins with a brief introduction to XP methodology and techniques, and then dives into a sample application used throughout the rest of the book to provide a real-world view of the tools and development practices in action. The authors provide concise descriptions of the key concepts behind each tool, offering code examples and step-by-step tutorials to guide readers to mastery of the technical aspects of XP development.

This book covers the following XP subjects:

  • Automated unit and functional testing
  • Continuous integration through build and deployment automation
  • The value of refactoring and continuous integration
  • How Ant, JUnit, JUnitPerf, Cactus, HTTPUnit, and JMeter can be used to achieve the goals of the XP methodology

The companion Web site contains:

  • Sample code
  • Updates on XP software tools
  • Links to useful XP sites

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