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Mastering Jakarta Struts

by James Goodwill

About the Book

A code-intensive guide to using the Jakarta Struts Framework to build Java Web applications

Developing Web applications with Java became considerably easier with the advent of JavaServer Pages (JSP) and servlets. Unfortunately, when used for large-scale applications, JSPs have been less successful-- they can become bloated with code, resulting in applications that are slow and inefficient. Jakarta Struts helps provide the solution to this problem. Struts handles a number of specific tasks involved in controlling how servlets, EJBs, and other components work together. It also makes use of JSP custom tags to help developers create interactive, form-based applications.

James Goodwill has loaded each chapter with real-world code examples that show how to build applications using Jakarta Struts. Written for experienced Java programmers who need to learn how to use Struts to build enterprise-level applications, this book begins by examining the concepts and architecture of the Struts Framework of technologies. It then explains how to use

Struts to:

  • Build JavaBean and model components
  • Build view components
  • Build controller components
  • Access relational databases
  • Work with Struts HTML-based forms
  • Work with action mappings and deployment descriptors
  • Build JavaBean objects using the Struts Digester
  • Build internationalized Web applications

The companion Web site contains electronic versions of all code examples in the book, plus fully operating versions of the applications described in the book.

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