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Javaserver Faces Kick Start

by James Turner, Craig McClanahan, Kunal Mittal

About the Book

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a new standard for developing interfaces to JSP applications. Its ease of use and device independence will attract a wide range of developers looking for rapid solutions. Currently in development at the Java Community Process (JCP), JavaServer Faces will give developers tools to separate web presentation from data and server-side programming. With JSF developers can focus on their applications rather than the underlying plumbing on the server.

JavaServer Faces Kick Start provides a concise guide to building applications with JSF. Using practical examples to illustrate every topic, the book demonstrates the JSF architecture, its tag libraries, and model components. It then deals with validation and event handling using JSF, and shows how to incorporate JSF into existing JSP, JSTL and Struts applications. Author James Turner, a Struts committer, provides critical insight into how developers can combine these technologies to produce efficient large-scale JSP applications.

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