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Apache Tomcat Bible

by Jon Eaves, Warner Godfrey, Rupert Jones

About the Book

If Apache Tomcat can do it, you can do it too...

Whether you're just starting out with Tomcat or looking for ways to take full advantage of its power, here is the indispensable reference guide to installing, configuring, and using the most popular open source servlet container. It tames Tomcat's complexity and provides complete information on everything from basic installation to creating, debugging, and securing applications. And just as Tomcat stays current with the latest servlet API, this book's companion Web site will keep you current by supplying updated code samples.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Apache Tomcat

  • Get a complete understanding of Apache Tomcat's development and its benefits as a reference implementation
  • Take advantage of J2EE™ using Java Server Pages and Java Servlets
  • Package, compile, and deploy Tomcat applications using Ant and your IDE
  • Use the administrator and manager applications
  • Configure the Tomcat server and customize Tomcat for assorted applications
  • Explore advanced techniques, including SOAP, load balancing, and clustering
  • Discover how to secure and debug Tomcat applications
  • Work with frameworks, tools, and utilities

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