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Struts Fast Track: J2EE/JSP Framework: Practical Application with Database Access and Struts Extension

by Vic Cekvenich

About the Book

Learn solid practices in developing large, Struts-based web applications with MVC partitioning, database access, security, and content syndication, to name a few topics covered.

This book is not for the beginner programmer. It is recommended that you have a few years of web development and database development experience before attempting to work through Struts Fast Track. It is assumed that the reader knows the fundamentals of SQL, Java, Object Orientation, HTML, Servlets, JSP's, and XML.

In other words, this is not a book to learn the basics of Java and web development.

It has been written for the intermediate to advanced web developer in mind with real-world web project experience who wants a no-nonsense, minimal hand-holding, fast track introduction to leverage Struts and MVC in their web development efforts. LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED

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