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Jakarta Struts Live

by Rick Hightower and Jonathan Lehr

About the Book

The Apache Software Foundation's Jakarta Struts is the most popular Java framework for building enterprise-level Web applications. The Struts project, an open-source project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation, is a server-side Java implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. The Struts project was originally created by Craig McClanahan in May 2000, but since that time it has been taken over by the open-source community. The project was designed with the intention of providing a framework for creating Web applications that easily separate the presentation layer and allow it to be abstracted from the transaction/data layers. Jakarta Struts Live contains thorough coverage of both the Struts MVC architecture and building each of the Struts components of this architecture. Readers will learn to use vital features like Tiles, the Validator, DynaActionForms, plug-ins, and internationalization as well as take a look at how to leverage other open-source technologies to improve Struts development processes and experiences. Some of the topics covered by Jakarta Struts Live include: Getting Started with Struts Testing Struts Applications ActionForms and DynaActionForms The Validator Framework The Model-View-Controller Architecture The Struts Tag Library Using Tiles The JSTL and Struts Internationalization (I18N) Extending Struts.

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The first eight chapters of the book are available as a free PDF.

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