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Applied Software Engineering Using Apache Jakarta Commons (Programming Series)

by Christian Gross

About the Book

Applied Software Engineering with Apache Jakarta Commons is a software engineering based guide to the Apache Jakarta Commons components (e.g., Betwixt, Digester, Discovery, Collections), other Apache projects such as Ant, the Axis Web Service toolkit, and the popular JUnit framework. The book emphasis focuses on solutions to complex problems using a simple task-driven approach. In this task-driven approach, the idea is to define a generic problem, for example Java class instantiation, and then provide solutions in multiple contexts, such as Collections-based factories, the Discovery package, or even the Launcher package. The book includes a companion CD-ROM with samples and source code.

Key Features

  • Utilizes Apache Jakarta and Open Source technologies to create commercial-quality business applications
  • The solutions are based on components from the Jakarta Commons toolkits and provide realistic, proven, robust solutions already used by other applications
  • Source code is available using a liberal license, meaning that components can be tweaked and integrated into other projects
  • Components are self contained and can be integrated into other Java projects such as J2EE without major integration problems

On the CD

  • Projects and Source Code
  • Complete files and source code for the examples and projects contained in the book

Available from

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