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Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf

by Vikram Goyal

About the Book

Written for developers and architects with real work to do, the Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf is a collection of 14 PDF modules, each focused on one of the main Commons components. Commons is a collection of over twenty open-source Java tools broadly ranging from logging, validation, bean utilities and XML parsing. The Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf summarizes the rationale behind each component and then provides expert explanations and hands-on examples of their use. You will learn to easily incorporate the Jakarta Commons components into your existing Java applications.

Why spend countless hours writing thousands of lines of code, when you can use the Jakarta Commons re-usable components instead? Each of the packages is independent of the others, and Manning lets you pick which of the Commons components you want to learn about. Each Module can be purchased separately or purchased together in the entire Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf.

Why is Jakarta Commons so popular? Because it provides re-usable solutions to your everyday development tasks. Make your work life better starting today. Purchase one of the modules or the entire Bookshelf and get the guidance of an experienced Jakarta Commons pro.

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