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The Complete Log4j Manual

by Ceki Gulcu

About the Book

The "complete log4j manual" documents version 1.2 of the log4j logging framework. In over 200 pages and dozens of concrete examples, it covers both basic and advanced log4j features:

  • the overall log4j architecture
  • discussion of best practices and anti-patterns
  • configuration scripts in properties format
  • configuration scripts in XML format
  • appenders
  • layouts
  • filter chains
  • diagnostic contexts
  • log4j default initialization
  • log4j in Servlet Containers
  • log4j in EJB Containers
  • extending log4j
  • changes between version 1.2 and 1.1
  • frequently asked questions
  • trouble shooting guide

The complete manual describes the log4j API in considerable detail, including its features and design rationale. Authored by Ceki Gülcü, one of log4j's key contributors, the manual is intended for developers already familiar with the Java language but new to log4j, as much as for experienced log4j users. With the aid of introductory material and many examples, new users should quickly come up to speed. Seasoned log4j users will also find fresh material not discussed anywhere else. Advanced topics are also covered in detail so that the reader can harness the full power of log4j.

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