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Ted Husted (husted at apache.org) is a software engineer, consultant, and team mentor. Ted's speciality is building agile web applications with open source products like iBATIS, Lucene, and Subversion, for either Java or Microsoft .NET, and helping others do the same. Ted lives in Fairport NY, with his wife, two children, and a bonsai tree named "Yoshi".

Software Development

Title Published Details
Web Application Design Handbook 2004 [ISBN-1558607528]
Code Complete 2nd Edition 2004 [ISBN-07535619670]
Test-Driven Development by Example 2003 [ISBN-03211456530]
Refactoring Jun 1999 [ISBN-0201485672]
Design Patterns 1995 [ISBN-0201633612]

Software Tools


Title Published Details
Pro Spring 2005 [ISBN-1590594614]
Mastering JavaServer Faces 2004 ISBN-0471462071
Jakarta Struts for Dummies 2004 ISBN-0764559575
The Art of Unix Programming 2004 [ISBN-0131429019]
Struts in Action 2003 ISBN-1930110502
JUnit in Action 2003 [ISBN-1930110995]
Effective Java 2003 [ISBN-0201310058]


Title Published Details
Programming ASP.NET 2003 [ISBN-0596004877]
Programming C# 2003 [ISBN-0596004893]
Essential ASP.NET 2003 [ISBN-0201760401]

Off Topic

Title Published Details
Alfie Soundtrack Oct 2004 [ASIN-B0003JAO8G]
The Abs Diet Jun 2004 [ISBN-1579549985]
The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership Apr 2003 [ISBN-0787967076]
Freaky Friday Soundtrack Jul 2003 [ASIN-B0000A4G4M]
Digital Fortress May 2000 [ISBN-0312263120]
Matrix Soundtrack Mar 1993 [ASIN-B00000IFW8]
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Sep 1989 [ISBN-0517542099]

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