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The content of this space is distributed under the Apache License 2.0.


RoadMap Where OverDrive is going
Gist OverDrive Distilled!
WhitePaper An overview of the application framework
Soup-to-Nuts A step-by-step tour of the system architecture
[Use Cases] System use cases for framework members
API Documentation Conventional application program interface documentation
PhoneBook Design Development folder for the PhoneBook application
FAQ Other frequently asked questions
Forum Got a question of your own? Ask it here!


Subversion Readme Notes on obtaining the OverDrive source code
VStudio Readme Notes on building the applications with Visual Studio
Database Readme Notes on setting up the database system

Change Reports

Documentation Logs To receive email reports of changes to this space, log in, and then click this link. (Be sure that "Send me daily change report email" is enabled in your profile.)
Source Logs To receive the source-code change logs, subscribe to the Struts Dev List and watch for SVN commits to "struts/sandbox/trunk/overdrive/".

Database Readme (OverDrive)
FAQ (OverDrive)
Forum (OverDrive)
Gist (OverDrive)
Helper API (OverDrive)
PhoneBook Design (OverDrive)
RoadMap (OverDrive)
Soup-to-Nuts (OverDrive)
Struts OverDrive (OverDrive)
Style Guide (OverDrive)
Subversion Readme (OverDrive)
VStudio Readme (OverDrive)
WhitePaper (OverDrive)

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