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Struts Reloaded

Whiteboard area to discuss "next generation" architectures for Struts Core, including Struts Ti.

  • Currently, this is a private area with no anonymous access.

The WebWork Agenda

The Agenda Workflow

Current step is: 3

1 Follow up with Patrick and Jason about the merger post.
2 Create a QuickTopic to continue the conversation.
3 Setup a wiki space to draft proposal documents. (You are here.)
4 Invite the rest of the Struts and WebWork committers to the table.
5 Update the initial proposal(s) as needed.
6 Develop a MailReader for WebWork application.
7 Draft an Incubator proposal to manage donation of the WW2 codebase.
8 Launch.


3a Consider drafting a "mirror" proposal targeted for the WebWork development community.
3b Consider writing system Use Cases for Struts Action 1.x and WebWork 2.x, to help compare and contrast similarities and differences.
WebWork Merger FAQ (Struts Reloaded)
WebWork Merger Proposal (Struts Reloaded)

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