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DotNet Commons Contributions
Added by Edward Lim, last edited by Edward Lim on Oct 13, 2005  (view change)

Dotnet Commons team would like to contribute following components to Commons.NET:

Dotnet Commons Lang

Dotnet Commons Lang provides a very common set of helper utility classes that provide extra functionality for data Types conversion, String manipulation methods, System properties, enhancements to the Date type and a series of utlities dedicated to help with building methods, such as GetHashCode, ToString and Equals.

Dotnet Commons Logging

Dotnet Commons Logging provides a unified Log interface that acts as a light-weight and independent abstraction of other logging frameworks such as log4Net and Microsoft Logging and Instrumentation Application Block (LIAB).

Dotnet Commons Reflection

Dotnet Commons Reflection contains utilities uses reflection to provide runtime information and access to classes, methods, fields, properties and events.

Dotnet Commons Web

Dotnet Commons Web contains utilities that provides functionality to access web resources or components.

Dotnet Commons Xml

Dotnet Commons Web contains utilities that provides functionality to assist in manipulating and retriving data from XML Documents.

Dotnet Commons IO

Dotnet Commons IO is a collection of I/O utilities.

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