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Spring.NET Contributions
Added by Aleksandar Seovic, last edited by Aleksandar Seovic on Oct 13, 2005  (view change)

Spring.NET team would like to contribute following components to Commons.NET:


Collection of generally useful attributes that would be much more useful if shared accross projects. Includes attributes related to caching, lazy loading, state change tracking, etc.


Spring.Collections contains classes that were donated by the author of Iesi.Collections project and documented in an article on Code Project. We believe that same collections are used by the iBatis.NET and NHibernate teams as well, so we should probably synch up and find out who has the most complete and the most improved version of the code.


Provides expression-based object graph navigation, inspired by OGNL, but not nearly as powerful and complete. There is a lot of room for improvement in this area, but current implementation provides a good starting point and supports most common usage scenarios.


Spring.NET implements a number of useful type converters that are generally useful. We believe that a better place for those would be Commons.NET project, as it would make all of the converters easily accessible to anyone.


Provides object pooling implementation that is used by Spring.Aop but is not core feature of the framework.


Spring.Proxy can be used to generate either inheritance or composition-based dynamic proxies, which can be useful in a wide range of scenarios. This functionality is used within Spring.NET AOP and various service exporters, but we believe that it would be more useful to the community at large if it was part of Commons.NET.


Provides a port of widely used and well known util.concurrent Java threading library, originally written by Doug Lea and later incorporated into Java 1.5 through JCP.


Provides a number of resource implementations that allow users to access different resources in the same fashion. Current resource abstraction include files, URLs, resources within web application and in-memory streams.

AopAlliance interfaces

AopAlliance defines a basic set of interfaces that should be used within different proxy-based AOP implementations in order to make advices reusable.

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