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 h2. Books are listed by publication date, most recent first.
 h3. Books about Struts 2
 |Practical Apache Struts 2 Web 2.0 Projects |Nov 2007|[ISBN-1590599039]|
 |Starting with Struts2|May 2007| [ISBN-978-1-4303-2033-3] |
 |Struts 2 Design and Programming: A Tutorial |Oct 2007|[ISBN-0980331609]| _pre-order_
 |Practical Apache Struts 2 Web 2.0 Projects |Nov 2007|[ISBN-1590599039]| _pre-order_
 |Struts 2: The Complete Reference |Jun 2008|[ISBN-0071489908]| _pre-order_
 h3. Books about WebWork (Stuts 2)
 |WebWork in Action |Sep 2005|[ISBN-1932394532]|
 |Art of Java Web Development|Nov 2003|[ISBN-1932394060]|
 |Java Open Source Programming|Nov 2003|[ISBN-0471463620]|
 h3. Books about Struts 1
 |Pro Apache Struts with Ajax |Oct 2006| ISBN-1590597389 |
 |Beginning Apache Struts|Feb 2006|[ISBN-1590596048]|
 | | |
 |Learning Jakarta Struts 1.2|Aug 2005|[ISBN-190481154X]|
 |Struts Design and Programming|Apr 2005|[ISBN-0975212818]|
 |Jakarta Struts Cookbook|Feb 2005|[ISBN-059600771X]|
 | | |
 |Struts : Essential Skills |Jul 2004| [ISBN-0072256591] |
 |Struts Recipes|Jul 2004|[ISBN-1932394249]|
 |Programming Jakarta Struts (2d)|Jun 2004|[ISBN-0596006519]|
 |Struts: The Complete Reference|Apr 2004|[ISBN-0072231319]|
 |Jakarta Struts for Dummies|Mar 2004|[ISBN-0764559575]|
 |Pro Jakarta Struts (2d)|Mar 2004|[ISBN-159059228X]|
 |Struts Live|Mar 2004| [ISBN-0974884308] |
 |Struts Survival Guide|Feb 2004|[ISBN-0974848808]|
 | | |
 |Art of Java Web Development|Nov 2003|[ISBN-1932394060]|
 |Professional Jakarta Struts|Sep 2003|[ISBN-0764544373]|
 |Jakarta Pitfalls |Jul 2003|[ISBN-0471449156]|
 |Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference|Jun 2003|[ISBN-0596005199]|
 |Struts|Jun 2003|[ISBN-2744015954]|
 |Professional Struts Applications|Mar 2003|[ISBN-1861007817]|
 | | |
 |Struts Kick Start|Dec 2002|[ISBN-0672324725]|
 |Programming Jakarta Struts|Nov 2002|[ISBN-0596003285]|
 |Struts In Action|Nov 2002|[ISBN-1930110502]|
 |The Struts Framework|Oct 2002|[ISBN-1558608621]|
 |Mastering Jakarta Struts|Sep 2002|[ISBN-0471213020]|
 | | |
 |Struts Fast Track|Nov 2001|[ISBN-0971661901]|
 h2. About Apache Struts
 |[!http://struts.apache.org/images/struts.gif!|http://struts.apache.org/volunteers.html]|[Apache Struts|http://struts.apache.org] is a popular framework for building Java web applications.|
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