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 If you have any other questions or concerns, please post a comment to this page.
 h2. Frequently Asked Questions
 h3. Who maintains the Bookstore space?
 The Bookstore space is maintained by a team of volunteers for the benefit of the ASF Community. Any ASF Committer is invited to join the team. If you are interested, please post a comment to this space or contact Ted Husted <{{}}>.
 h3. Who is hosting this wiki?
  This use of this wiki space is provided free-of-charge to ASF Projects by Atlassian, the makers of Confluence, under their [Open Source licensing program|].
  This use of this wiki space is provided free-of-charge to ASF Projects by Atlassian, the makers of Confluence, under their [Open Source licensing program|]. The domain name,, is being donated to the project by Husted dot Com.
 h3. Who earns the commissions on the sale of the books?
 All of the commissions for each sale are donated directly to the Apache Software Foundation.
 h3. Is the bookstore being managed by the fundraising team or the ASF Public Relations Committee?
 The commission reports are sent directly to the {{}} list, and the commission checks go directly to the ASF treasurer. But the bookstore is being managed as an independant resource, much like [Planet Apache|].
 h3. Why have separate pages for each book? Why not just link straight to the booksellers and let them handle the descriptions and reviews?
 We could, but we wanted this bookstore to be a place where *our* users could comment on the books about *our* software.
 h3. Why use the ISBN for a page name? Isn't that kinda geeky?
 It's a convenience to our maintainers. The commission links use ISBNs as a key, and it's helpful to have the ISBN "at our fingertips". The book pages include the full title of the book, for the convenience of our readers. When a book covers more than one ASF project, the ISBN convention makes it easy for multiple ASF projects to share a book page.
 h3. Doesn't letting users post comments undermine the ASF's impartiality?
 The bookstore is raising funds for the Apache Software Foundation, but it is not controlled or owned by the ASF. Even if it were, the ASF encourages community participation at all levels. Users often comment about these books on our public mailing lists. Commenting here simply makes sharing our opinions more convenient and more effective.
 The comments are monitored and must follow our [Commenting Guidelines]. Inappropriate comments will be deleted, and the poster notified.
 h3. Hey, why not indicate which books are by ASF committers?
 Hmmm, there's no reason to believe that ASF committers make better book authors than anyone else. Anyone who follows the development lists knows as much about the project as any of the committers. However, if you are interested in reading a book by a committer, you can check the "Who We Are" area of the project web site for a list of the committers to that project.
 h3. Can we maintain our own list of books?
 ASF projects are invited to maintain the listings of books for their project, either here or at their own project site. If a project prefers to maintain its own listing elsewhere, we would be happy to discontinue our project page and link directly to the project's own store. We would suggest that any ASF project that links to an online bookseller include an ASF bookseller ID, so that any commissions are donated to the foundation.
 We are also interested in setting up personal pages for ASF committers, where they can list their personal favorites, including off-topic items.
 h3. Since this is a wiki, why not let anyone add books?
 We want to be sure the inventory stays focussed on books of interest to members of the ASF community. ASF committers already know what it means to maintain a shared resource with a clear purpose. For more about ASF committers, see
 * [How the ASF works|]
 * [List of ASF Committers|]
 * [List of ASF Members|] (not all committers are Members)
 * [Planet Apache|] is a blog portal for ASF committers
 h3. Can I include the ASF bookseller ID in my own links?
 Sure! That would be great!
 The booksellers key their inventory by ISBN. So first, find the ISBN for the book you sent to link. Then, you only need to include an ASF ID as part of the hyperlink. In the examples, replace $ISBN with the one for your book.
 h4. Amazon.doc
 h4. Barnes & Noble
 h4. Book Sense
 If you would like to suggest other booksellers, please post a comment to this page.
 h3. Are there other ways I can help support the ASF?
 Yes. Visit our [Contributing page|] for details. We even have t-shirts! :)
 If you have any other questions or concerns, please post a comment to this page.
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