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Who is using iBATIS?
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Some public websites that utilize IBatis

1up.com - Gaming community http://www.1up.com
Abebooks.com - Worlds largest online marketplace for books http://www.abebooks.com
AccesStream.com - Open Source Identity and Access Management Suite http://www.accesstream.com
BullionVault.com - Online gold trading http://www.bullionvault.com
www.druckdiskont.at - Online print portal (Web To Print) http://www.druckdiskont.at
Equity Market Data - Financial Data Provider http://www.equitymarketdata.com
Fiskars - Consumer products manufacturer http://www.fiskars.com
GalMarley.com - Gold prices, facts, figures and charts http://www.galmarley.com
GAPay - General Agent Payment System http://www.gapay.com.
Ideal Financial Services http://www.idealfsi.com
Live Music Addicts - Concert and venue listings for the New York City area http://www.livemusicaddicts.com/newyork/
MySpace.com - A place for friends – see Feedback and Experiences http://www.myspace.com
Newport - PowerSentry affiliate http://www.newpoint.com
Nexaweb - How Business Applications Meet the Web http://www.nexaweb.com
OfficeMax Impress - Print and Document Services http://www.officemax.com
Pearson Inform - Decision-making support for K-12 school districts http://www.concertinform.com
PowerSentry - Fiskars brand surge protectors http://www.powersentry.com
Scragged.com - Political commentary http://www.scragged.com
TheLadders.com - Job Search Engine http://www.theladders.com
The Ohio State University School of Communication http://www.comm.ohio-state.edu
Watkins Printing Company http://www.watkinsprinting.com/
Wilkinson Sword Garden Collection http://www.wilkinsonswordgarden.com
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources http://botw.dnr.state.wi.us/botw/Welcome.do
WomanOwned - Business Networks for Women http://www.womanowned.com
Workeffort - time tracking system https://workeffort.dev.java.net/
Zinck-Lysbro - Gardening products http://www.zincklysbro.dk
Plateau Systems - Learning Management and Performance Management Systems
Cool Advance - All software projects use IBatis as its persistence layer (both .Net and Java). Example: Shoesathome.com http://www.cooladvance.com (Portuguese)
FNM Group - Ferrovie Nord Milano (Railways - Italy)
http://www.fnmgroup.it (Italian)
Telecom Italia's OpenID Provider
http://openid.alice.it (Italian)
TrycksaksTorget - personalised printing online
http://www.trycksakstorget.se (Swedish)
Goom Radio backend services
http://www.goomradio.com (France - USA)

IBatis used for Eclipse Mylyn Connnector

wiki.eclipse.org - Mylyn custom database issue trackers http://wiki.eclipse.org/Mylyn/Incubator/Generic_SQL_Connector

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