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Last changed: Nov 22, 2005 12:05 by Susan Visser

Apache Derby- Off to the Races: Includes Details of IBM Cloudscape™
The first comprehensive book for Apache Derby and IBM Cloudscape

Upper Saddle River, NJ, (November, 2005) - IBM Press™, the official publisher of IBM books for professionals and students, today announced publication of Apache Derby- Off to the Races, the first comprehensive book to help Apache Derby application developers and new users to more fully utilize this powerful, open source Java database server. Derby was introduced into the Apache Software Foundation in August of 2004 based on an initial contribution from IBM. Since that time, the Apache Derby project has gained a loyal and growing following within the open source community. This community has evolved rapidly and is, as of July 2005, a key component of the Apache DB project.

The book is authored by three leading IBM database experts who deliver a comprehensive guide for PHP, C, Java, and .NET developers. Paul Zikopoulos is an award-winning writer and speaker with the IBM Database Competitive Technology team. He is co-author of several books, including DB2® Version 8: The Official Guide. Dan Scott is an IBM product manager experienced in DB2®, Linux®, and open source scripting languages and is a frequent lecturer on the topic of Apache Derby and IBM Cloudscape™. George Baklarz is a senior manager in IBM's DB2 Worldwide Pre-Sales Support Group, and has also co-authored several books, including DB2 UDB Version 8.1 Database Administration Certification Guide.

Apache Derby, the newest addition to IBM Press™, has almost 600 pages of explanation and guidance, with real-world examples, to help readers gain a confident understanding about Apache Derby and IBM Cloudscape. The book opens with a broad overview including topics on the benefits of relational databases and progresses to cover all the requisite technical requirements for installation, configuration, management, and security. By the end of the book, readers will have the information needed to build robust, enterprise applications and Web Services using Apache Derby.

Apache Derby- Off to the Races (ISBN 0131855255) has an accompanying website, featuring a chapter for download at: http://ibmpressbooks.com/title/0131855255. The book is currently available through major chain and independent booksellers worldwide and through online vendors at a suggested retail price of U.S. $39.99.

Posted at 22 Nov @ 10:28 AM by Susan Visser | 0 comments
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